welcome to chia's webpage!

_(:3 」∠)_


when & where

2000—2018 manila, philippines
2018—sep 2022 new haven, if not otherwise mentioned
may 2022 goodbye college!
june 2022 ny for a bit, sf a bit for interact
july 2022 chicago for a bit for pitchfork
sept 2022 moving to sf, will be at portola
??? somewhere with the people i love,
whether it's the united states or the philippines
or another place or somewhere in between

if you're going to be around, say hi!


  1. will my life be traced after i gone if dedicated to creation? one person's memory of me is more sufficient than anything else i carve out, but i do not have this...?
  2. can i see myself living, alive, being — in the most banal, mundane of existences? how can i be present in a world and be witnessed without constantly signaling that i exist? do many people not die never having this?
  3. can i love the world better? can you ever love it enough?
  4. may i shape the web (or anything else with my hands) such that it may be a space of generosity, a space for gathering, a space for memory?
  5. will the life i live dignify the love that has brought me here?
  6. can i gather the people i love in one place?
  7. i accept that everyone and everything desires to be a loved thing, but how do you accept what happens when you don't get the love you request?


because even the most irredeemable things are deserving of love, including me